Can We Fix It: Should You Attempt a DIY Fix?

Your smartphone is in use so often that it’s bound to get unwanted abuse. Some scratches and dents you can learn to live with, but a smashed screen or a dead battery are must fixes to ensure day-to-day usability. If you are an especially savvy consumer, a do-it-yourself fix could be the way to go. Below is a quick guide to deciding if a DIY fix is the right choice for you, or if you should leave it to the experts.

What’s the issue? Before tackling the problem with your phone, you have to identify it. If it’s obvious what the issue is, skip down to the other considerations. If it’s not obvious, this might be a sign that it’s a safer bet to let an expert take on the job. Before bringing it to the shop you can do a quick diagnostic test on the app TestM, which allows users to diagnose the device’s issues, find a nearby repair shop with good peer reviews and find out around how much the repair will cost.

Will it invalidate my warranty? A third party fix can automatically invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty, making a DIY repair potentially risky. This is *not* a blanket statement. In many cases, if the issue you’re encountering with your phone is not connected to the third party fix, the manufacturer is still obligated to honor the warranty. Read the fine print of your warranty to find out how big of a gamble attempting the repair on your own is before deciding between a DIY fix and the safe repair shop.

How much am I saving? One of the main reasons to attempt a fix on your own is to save money. It can often be very expensive to have a phone repaired in the shop, and a successful at-home repair will usually be considerably cheaper. If the tools and parts you need to repair your device churn out significant savings, it might be worth it to give it a go.

Am I handy? While you can find how-to tutorials on just about every phone repair under the sun, not all of them are as easy as they look. It’s important to know your own capabilities before attempting a fix that could potentially damage your phone. Do some research on what the repair entails before determining if you have the skills to do it yourself.

How urgent is it? This one can go either way. If the repair shop can’t fix your phone on the spot, you might end up without a phone for a day or more. On the other hand, ordering parts, researching how to do the fix and actually executing the repair can also be a time-consuming process. Be prepared for additional delays if this is your first time attempting this particular fix, since you won’t necessarily know how to act on your toes in the event of unexpected issues in the repair process. If time is of the essence, it may be safer to just take your smartphone into the shop.

Consider the pros and cons and decide which options works better for you and the repair your phone needs. If the cons outweigh the pros, then it’s time to find a trusted repair shop.