5 Tips to Free Up Storage Space

Storage space on your phone is limited, and sometimes you reach max capacity. If you’re constantly running into storage problems, it might be a sign that you need to purchase more storage (either on the cloud or physically). Before taking that step, try the following tips to free up some storage space on your smartphone.

  1. Delete unused apps. Comb through your apps, and delete any apps you never use. If you’re on the fence about deleting an app, you can check how much storage each app uses in your settings. Decide if a high mega-byte app is a must-have or if it can be deleted to free up some extra space.


  1. Offload photos. Pictures and videos can be storage intensive. You can either upload pictures to your computer and delete them from your phone, or upload the pictures to the cloud. Some cloud options are iCloud, Google Drive and Google Photos, which all offer a certain amount of free storage. Once the photos are backed up, you can delete them from your phone and enjoy the extra space.


  1. Delete old messages. Although text messages don’t take up so much space on your phone, old multimedia messages can be hogging up storage space. Check old messages and WhatsApps, and you may discover that you can delete hundreds of pictures and videos that you no longer need. If you want to delete many messages at once, check in your settings if there is an option to delete all messages before a specific date (iPhones have this feature). If you still want to save these old photos, consider uploading them to your computer or the cloud instead of keeping them on your phone itself.


  1. Delete app data. Aside from the space taken up by the app itself, its documents and data also take up room on your phone. In your settings, check how much space the app’s memory is taking up, and decide if you can either delete the data or offload it to the cloud. You may be surprised at the amount of data hiding within your apps that you don’t need anymore.


  1. Clean up notes. Lists and schedules that you wrote down months ago are probably not needed anymore. Go through your notes, and purge the ones that you no longer need.