10 Tips to Maximize Battery Life

With bigger brighter screens, top of the line features and lightning fast data speeds, smartphones are getting better by the minute. The one feature that can’t seem to keep up with the times is battery life. Living your life from charge to charge is no way to live! Try some of these tips and tricks to extend your phone’s battery life so you can maximize your power and minimize your time spent running to the nearest outlet.

  1. Find the culprits. An important step to maximizing battery life is finding out what’s draining it. On an iPhone go to Settings > Battery to get the full breakdown of which apps are the worst offenders, and see what personal adjustments you can make to your app use to boost your battery life.


  1. Turn off the screen. Since the screen is a huge power hog, leaving it on while you’re not using your phone is an unnecessary drain to your battery. Turn on Auto-lock to ensure that your phone screen shuts off after a short period of inactivity or simply manually shut off the screen when you’re done using your device. If your device has the facedown detection feature built in, keep your phone face down when you’re not using it so an incoming text doesn’t needlessly light up your screen.


  1. Turn down the brightness. While you are using your phone, lowering the brightness can make a huge difference in how long your phone lasts. It has been shown that screen brightness is actually directly proportional to battery life. Brightness can be adjusted easily in your phone’s settings or control center.


  1. Disable Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi is a great way to save data, keeping your Wi-Fi enabled when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi can be a pointless power drain, as your phone will search for potential networks to connect to. Make sure to switch off your Wi-Fi when you don’t plan on connecting to a wireless network. If you do want to connect to Wi-Fi, double-check that the connection is strong. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi and the connection is poor, your phone will struggle to maintain the connection, using unnecessary battery in the process.


  1. Disable Bluetooth. Like Wi-Fi, having Bluetooth on while you’re not using it is an unnecessary battery waste. If you’re not actively using Bluetooth to connect with speakers or headphones, consider turning it off. You can disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from your setting or your control center.


  1. Turn on airplane mode. Airplane mode can be useful even when you’re not in the air. If you’re in an area without any service, don’t let your phone waste battery aimlessly searching for connection. Turning on airplane mode in certain situations can be a smart way to conserve battery in a spot where data and cell service are not working anyway.


  1. Don’t let apps run in the background. A popular battery life myth is that closing out apps helps conserve battery life. In fact, it can have the exact opposite effect, as reopening the app means reloading its local memory. Instead, try turning off background app refresh, make mail fetch manual or disable push notifications.


  1. Turn off vibrate. If your phone is vibrating constantly for each text and notification you receive, you may be unknowingly wasting your battery life. If you don’t need vibrate on, keeping your phone on silent or even ringtone will actually use less power. That means longer battery life!


  1. Set your apps to update manually. Having your apps update automatically means you’re not in control of these battery-intensive upgrades. Setting your apps to update manually will allow you to maximize battery life when you’re not near an outlet.


  1. Turn off location services. You most likely don’t need your location tracked at all times, but many apps are following your location in the background. You can opt to turn off location services entirely (and only turn it on when you need it), or customize which apps can use location services in the background and which can only use them when the app is in use.


10. Turn on low power mode. Last but not least is the most obvious tip. If you’re desperate to make that last 20% of battery last, using your phone’s built in battery saver mode will slow down your phone, restrict background data and location services and enable some other tweaks that will prolong your phone’s battery life.